The Future of AI is Here

Explore, create, and innovate with Captain, your all-in-one platform to build and use AI applications effortlessly. Discover the synergy of AI and web technologies, wrapped in a user-centric, privacy-first package.

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Privacy at Your Command

Enjoy complete control over your information with Captain's local processing — privacy is our top priority.

Your AI, Your Rules

Utilize our SDK and no-code options to customize your AI experience or create entirely new apps. Captain removes the technological complexity, letting you focus on what you do best.

High-Performance Processing

Whether you’re crunching big data or training complex models, Captain provides optional power via GPU-Cloud integration.

Thriving Ecosystem

Captain is a growing ecosystem where everyone can share, discover, and monetize within a community-driven marketplace of AI apps.

See Captain in Action

Bring your ideas to life using Captain's intuitive UI. Just type in what you want to do and let Captain's core apps transform your thoughts into vivid artworks and captivating stories.

Captain is for everyone


Build your dreams with AI. Design, develop, and deploy without getting entangled in technical details.


Captain offers businesses a competitive edge with AI that's adaptable, scalable, and secure.

Create the AI apps that you want

Captain's SDK is designed to simplify your journey into AI app development, removing the need for Python knowledge while still providing access to its powerful capabilities. You can write your app using JavaScript or TypeScript and tap into the built-in AI features that Captain offers. Need more? You're free to connect with third-party APIs (e.g. OpenAI and others) to expand your app's potential. This flexibility offers you the best of both worlds.


We're continuously working to make Captain even more versatile and user-friendly. Here's a sneak peek at some of the exciting features we have in the pipeline:

  • SDK: Build your own AI apps and use a wide range of models and APIs
  • Mac and Linux: Captain works on Windows, but soon will also be supported on Mac and Linux as well
  • Marketplace: Share, discover, and montize AI applications
  • GPU-Cloud: Run AI apps with high performance on RunPod, even when your own computer doesn't have enough power
  • Theming: Personalize Captain to reflect your style.
  • Assistant: Enhance your productivity with someone by your side that has access to all AI apps inside of Captain
  • App Creator: Use our no-code app to generate your AI apps just by describing what you want

Stay tuned for these updates and more as we sail into the future of accessible AI with Captain.